The new book, DARK NEBULA, by Michael Thomas will soon be available!

Sci-fi Adventure awaits…

DARK NEBULA: NEXUS, A Space Saga set in “Mankind’s Near Future”


Bolaris Phillips had lived his whole life in space. And he had seen many things in that hostile and at times mesmerizing environment.
Bolaris was a grizzled and experienced miner.
Humanity had progressed well, colonising the solar system had allowed them to acquire vast new resources to build even greater things.

The 2150s had been a new era for the explorer. Proxima Centauri our closest neighbor had been the original goal to reach.

Huge generation ships that could travel at incredible speeds inside safer environments had allowed them to accomplish this near-impossible dream.
However, what they found was far greater than what they had imagined.

Space corridors that could transport you across the universe,  maintained and regulated by several different alien species, who had combined their resources and knowledge to achieve this mutual benefit.
But that wasn’t all they found.
There was another race out there in the universe, different from the corporeal ones that exist in ours. This race once tried to initiate first contact with our galaxy. It had not gone too well at the beginning. But that hadn’t stopped them from trying again.
Humanity now finds itself at a crossroads. Could they be the Galactic missing link that spans the stars!

Find out in the exciting new Sci-fi book.
Dark Nebula: Nexus,  by Author Michael Thomas, set in the future.

Amazon kindle, exclusive. And in paperback edition.

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