501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

39. It is illegal, in Singapore, to agree with an absurd opinion.

40. If any five bones in the human foot were removed, tap dancing would be too dull to be a

41. It is possible to hear what the stranger sitting next to you on the bus is listening to through
their headphones by forming an air-tight seal around their belly button with your ear.

42. 34% of wives in Sweden confess that they make a face at their husband just after they turn
the light out.

43. Smiling will triple the chances of you being shot during a bank raid.

44. The length of time somebody could play the tuba without rest before they pass out would
double if they had 3 nostrils.

45. Chickens don’t know that they are chickens.

46. Bruce Springsteen was actually born in southern Mexico.

47. The least interesting person since records began happens to be the very same person who began taking records.

48. The majority of male narcissists that finally submit to professional help are able to trace their problem back to when they were forced to interrupt a frank conversation between their mother and a group of girls at school.

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