501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

49. In 1973, during a naval firework display in Japan, a whale surfaced briefly and blew up
seconds later when a misfired rocket shot down it’s blowhole.

50. Before the invention of Morse code, nobody had a stutter.

51. The majority of female narcissists never submit to professional help, unless they suspect they can break the professional.

52. Before finally agreeing on a name, two of the band’s members were set on ‘Manic Street Raisins.’

53. In 1992 an aromatherapist in Denmark once accidentally flushed out some of a female
patient’s inner essence of being with a risky treatment of lavender and nutmeg, subsequently rendering her entirely incapable of rational thought.

54. Corporate inefficiencies account for 14% of project managers admitting that they have sent at least one strongly-worded letter to themselves.

55. 18% of people that see a cinema movie in 3D for the first time confess that they grabbed the head of the person in front during the opening credits.

56. Messing around with the flap of skin between your third and forth toes on your left foot will ease the flow of vital energy around your scalp, reducing general confusion.

57. If the situation arose, Jackie Chan could take out the entire orchestra with just the Harp.

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