501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

58. If you are a married woman, after having read this, it is 78% likely that you’ll ask your husband
in the next hour, whether or not you’d still be his only wife if you both happened to live in a polygamous society.

59. 74% of the unemployed believe that the fact-to-fiction ratio in the universe would wrench free from it’s steel restraints and spiral downwards in a hideous fireball of latent fury were it not for Judge Judy and Dr. Phil.

60. In 1905 a Hungarian doctor developed a simple system to relieve constipation involving a woolly sock, ground black pepper, two small corks and careful timing.

61. If you are a married man, it is 54% likely that your wife is currently trying to tell you
something, in that case 79% likely that you’re not listening, and in that case 96% likely that you’ll regret it.

62. The greatest number of baked beans balanced on top of each other using just a knife and fork is 6.

63. Australia boasts the most people who have been rushed to hospital on a ride-on lawnmower.

64. Spencer Atherton, Derbyshire, UK, owns the world’s largest collection of toenails.

65. The percentage symbol is wrong.

66. The greatest number of peas balanced on top of each other using just a knife and fork is 11.

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