501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

67. The ratio of the width of your face to the height of your face, and the length of your hand to the length of your forearm, and the width of an egg to the height of an egg, and the width of the United Nations building to the height of the United Nations building, is exactly the same as the ratio of what you will achieve in the next hour to what you should achieve in the next hour.

68. Che Guevara never wore a t-shirt.

69. The greatest number of sweet corn kernels balanced on top of each other using just a knife and fork is 103.

70. If you sing softly to a rabbit for long enough it will believe that it is you.

71. 7% of dog owners claim that they’ve caught their dog reading.

72. One in seven husbands admit using their wife’s pedicure gadget to grate Parmesan into a salad.

73. The Third Reich began as a knitting circle in Bavaria which rapidly got out of hand.

74. In 2013 a social networking site fixed a bug after two bored teenage girls in Europe changed
their status to ‘non-existent’ and instantly ceased to be.

75. Area 51 is the world’s second best-kept secret, just trailing that biro they found in a mummified Pharaoh.

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