501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

76. In 1998, in what has been described as the biggest stocktaking blunder in history, NASA was unable to account for two astronauts.

77. The cutest thing ever done by a small pet was not quite caught on video due to a dead battery in the phone of Britney Dribbleton, Los Angeles, USA.

78. The most effective way to deal with a charging rhino is to stand still, close your eyes and sing anything by The Bee Gees.

79. You can influence someone’s dreams with large magnets, using their moans and facial
twitches as indicators of what they’re seeing.

80. A third of all French men have admitted to flirting with themselves in the previous 4 months.

81. 45% of naturopaths in Germany teach that every time you suppress a really good sneeze, a fairy gets a little bit sad.

82. 7 supporting actors in the 1997 epic ‘Titanic’ later admitted that during the first two months of filming, they had not realised that they were in a movie.

83. Experts say that in real-life situations, MacGyver, at least 2 of the A-Team and most of the men from U.N.C.L.E. wouldn’t make it to the third commercial break.

84. People who pronounce the expression ‘fine-tooth comb’, ‘fine tooth-comb’, should almost certainly not be asked to analyse, investigate or determine anything.

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