501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

85. It takes twice as much effort to replace a low-energy light bulb.

86. A frog placed in front of a mirror will stay motionless and staring for up to a week before it passes out.

87. The current shortage of historians causes some academics to worry that we won’t know what was going on in 2015 until 2022.

88. A suggestion for world peace, whereby all the Adams, Adeles, Audreys, Abigails etc should live in Albania, all the Brians, Bernadettes, Bobbys, Bettys etc should live in the Bahamas, all the Craigs, Clares, Charlies, Christines etc should live in Cuba, etc, is still on a desk at the United Nations because no one can see what is essentially wrong with it.

89. The worst use of the word ‘literally’ is thought to be attributed to Maria Flinch, Essex,
England, during a Monday morning account of her blue-vodka Saturday night in town with Sandra from Human Resources, specifically the bit near the end where she described ‘trying to get a taxi with one shoe and a handbag between them’ as ‘literally the funniest thing ever.’

90. Beige annoys turtles.

91. If the moon was found to be hollow we’d have to rethink practically everything.

92. Technology has been available since the mid 1970’s to accurately determine if a serve was in or out at the Wimbledon tennis tournament, but trade unions representing workers at retirement homes managed to have it quietly suppressed.

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