501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

93. If all the juice from all the blisters on all the feet on Earth were collected together it would fill 2 Olympic swimming pools.

94. By far the majority of high-school teachers in Idaho, USA, spell it Leonardo Duh Vinci.

95 Ursula Andress had to send a passport back because they had, some say deliberately,
transposed the first letter of her surname with that of her first.

96. In 2003, at least two wrestlers in the WWE complained that they were never explicitly
informed that their competitors were essentially just actors.

97. An analysis of mantelpiece photos of grandchildren in the homes of 300 grandmothers in Somerset, England in 1997, revealed a direct correlation between the cost of the picture frame and the ugliness of the child.

98. Some ducks are so shocked when they first achieve flight that they spend the entirety of their remaining life preoccupied with not having to do it again.

99. The fundamental type of person you are can be determined from the direction in which you stir things.

100. It was once considered licentious to break out into a strut wearing tweed.

101. In the original conceptual drafts of Eric Knight’s 1940 novel, Lassie was a badger.

102 The US military has experimented with using 1980’s music as a weapon, specifically The Bangles.

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