501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

121. The average woman considers at least 5 unrelated things in between two spoken sentences. 122 If you record the chirping song of a blackbird and play it back to the same blackbird it will attack your eyes.

123. 23% of sociologists don’t know what they do.

124. One section of the QWERTY keyboard is brazenly sexist.

125. It is impossible to confuse a tortoise.

126. Derek Smulch from Norfolk, England, is the only person in recorded history to have both ears on the same side of his head.

127. A rare genetic disorder causes 0.03% of Guinea Pigs to explode whilst being petted.

128. Cosmetic surgeons tend to agree that it will be possible to rent a face for the weekend by 2040.

129. If you scan a zebra with a supermarket barcode reader, it will read ‘digestive biscuits.’

130. 7 out of 10 husbands would opt to fall off a ladder and land astride the garden fence rather than watch their wife’s favourite program with another man.

131. The World’s most drastic comb-over is thought to have been that of an afghan salesman in Kabul, who aggressively brushed his prolific back hair up and over each morning.

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