501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality


Reality can be a truly confusing place to exist in. If you are anything like me then you frequently find yourself wondering what is going on. I usually do this whilst staring at something just after reading the news with a glass of milk, but you probably have your own system.

If you feel that you actually do know what’s going on then I would challenge you to explain some of the events of 2014 to a small, intelligent, curious child.

For example, a lady in Iceland became an enthusiastic participant in the search-and-rescue effort organised to find her. Somebody managed to crowdsource $31,000 to make a potato salad. A man in America burnt his house down in an attempt to kill a spider. A nine-month-old baby in Pakistan was arrested on suspicion of planning a murder. At least two hundred people worldwide had to be taken to hospital with a carrot stuck up their nose, and one of them was present at the Eurovision Song Contest.

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