501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

132. If, before going to bed, you leave a pony in a bath of fizzy drink, by the morning it will have completely disappeared.

133. In some cultures, the greatest compliment you can pay a woman is ‘I would marry you even if I had reason to suspect you might be my cousin.’

134. A major concern amongst environmentalists is that the landmass beneath the arctic ice, if exposed, might roughly resemble a classic American V8.

135. A weightlifter who accidentally entered the ‘Mexico’s Strongest Smell’ competition went on to come third.

136. National borders were so transient in 2010 that 6% of soccer players represented more than one country in the World Cup.

137. Whistler’s mother probably wasn’t.

138. The man that invented the @ symbol got the idea from a clingy ex-girlfriend.

139. The oldest word in the Oxford English Dictionary is thought to be ‘oats’.

140. A leading psychiatrist in France advises men that feigning epilepsy is the safest and most rational response if their wife points at another woman and asks ‘do you think SHE’S pretty?’

141. There is a Finn in Lapland who is still defending his hut from the Russians.

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