501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

142. The second oldest word in the Oxford English Dictionary is thought to be ‘porridge’.

143. Brunch is considered a sin in some communities in Kenya.

144. Some wives of night shift factory workers in Uzbekistan only shave one of their legs so as to stave off their loneliness at night.

145 The third oldest word in the Oxford English Dictionary is thought to be either ‘dull’ or ‘despair.’

146. Whispering was illegal in Italy until 1910.

147. It is possible, with hair clippers, sugar cubes and patience, to make any four alpacas look like Mount Rushmore.

148. Antimatter doesn’t actually matter.

149. French vehicles account for about 72% of the world’s disappointment.

150. As with Uranium, it is theoretically possible to enrich cabbage, ear wax and some cheeses to weapons grade.

151. An inept cookery teacher at an Adult Education Centre in Ohio USA incorrectly taught that oestrogen was an essential ingredient in bread, finally admitting her error in 1972 when some of the male students complained that bits of them were rising whereas the bread never did.

152. The only person to successfully construct a working light-sabre disembowelled himself moments later.

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