501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

153. Zzzzzz’, as said by sleeping people, is the longest word constructed of one repeated letter.

154. Dogs only realise they have been eating curry when it is too late.

155. The historical Casanova, as opposed to the mostly mythical lothario that legend has
bequeathed to us, once destroyed any chances of a long term relationship with the love of his life when, during what he later described as a ‘badly-timed personal experiment undertaken on a whim,’ he was unable to extricate his big toe from his nostril before she came back from the hotel lobby.

156. There was a proposal before the United Nations Secretariat that nobody should be appointed to a prominent position if they have a silly name.

157. Experienced relationship counsellors believe that the universal ‘event horizon’ beyond which a marital discussion cannot be recovered is the question ‘what’s that supposed to mean?’

158. The quickest way to pacify a Rottweiler is to gently stroke it’s tongue.

159. Baby penguins burp in c-sharp with such consistency that the Orchestre De Paris use one to tune their string section.

160. If it could be harnessed, mothers would generate enough nervous energy to keep their phone charged.

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