501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

161. Keeping your eyes perpetually closed will extend your lifespan by 9 minutes.

162. If humans had three legs it would actually take us twice as long to complete a marathon.

163. 15% of newsreaders are using a foot-spa.

164. If you were to take every blood vessel in your body, every artery, vein and capillary, lay them all out in a long line end to end and then measure them, you would die.

165. The three friendliest hand gestures in the eastern hemisphere of the Earth are almost
identical to the three most offensive in the western hemisphere.

166. Picking a large scab burns off the calories from roughly two biscuits.

167. The customer-feedback department at Google Earth received over 2,000 emails from worried parents in 2010, requesting that they airbrush out 17 square kilometres of an archipelago off the western coast of Finland because they felt that it depicted something unspeakably naughty.

168. The worst tweet ever posted is thought to be that of a 24-year-old dental nurse from Wigan, England, describing how she manages to lure attention away from her prominent front teeth with subtle eyebrow wriggling.

169. The original periodic table of elements included the elements ‘dust’ and ‘phlegm.’

170. Newtonian physics cannot explain the motion of a balloon attached to the tail of a large rat in a nightclub.

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