501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

171. Film buffs believe that the worst concluding line in cinematic history has yet to be written and is most likely to contain either the word ‘wombat’, ‘frothing’ or ‘nasal.’

172. Analysts are confident that if Hercules Poirot and Sherlock Holmes were to investigate the same cases, they would convict different people 34% of the time.

173. Trebles tennis is expected to be a thing by 2030.

174. Every year in Poland, roughly 280 members of the public lose their mind in a state building.

175. If you meet 5 Swedish people all at the same time, you’ll think you’ll end up being friends with the one called Sven, but you’ll be 72% likely to be wrong.

176. If Tarzan were real in 1928 he would have won gold in every Olympic event apart from table tennis.

177. Song lyrics are responsible for roughly 45% of the world’s awkward questions.

178. Sharks are ticklish.

179. If you were to breath 18% less you wouldn’t need to worry about getting enough anti-

180. After the 1877 Battle of Shiroyama during the Satsuma rebellion in Japan, most of the
surviving Samurai became window cleaners.

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