501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

189. Research conducted by the London School of Economics seems to support the suggestion that in any democratic election, the reasons given by supporters to elect a candidate, are almost always exactly the same reasons why the electorate should not elect the candidate.

190. It is healthier to lick the mesh on a kitchen extractor fan for twenty minutes than it is to eat a sandwich made with white bread.

191. In the Parliament of Australia, every motion on new legislation since 1972 included at least 5 votes from people who sneaked in.

192. A carrot is infinitely better than a cheeseburger.

193. A direct descendant of Isaac Newton described a 2003 opinion poll amongst German
Physicists, which rated gravity 42nd in the top 100 greatest discoveries, as ‘utter tosh’.

194. A confectionary company in Brazil briefly experimented with making the stick the tasty bit of lollipops before going out of business in 2009.

195. Nuclear power stations enforce a strict rule forbidding staff from touching the controls if they have just had an argument with a young child.

196. It is believed that fire and the wheel were discovered at the same time, most likely by
someone reluctant to give up on an ambition to somehow transport destruction from their house at the top of the hill, to the house of an irritating cousin in the valley below.

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