501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

197. Mathematicians believe there might be another whole number between 210 and 211 but after 2 centuries of looking the smug little thing still manages to evade detection.

198. 12% of the population of Texas USA is made up of recovering vegetarians.

199. Owls are unable to interrupt.

200. Some fashion designers believe that in 30 years time, leggings, Ugg boots and a One Direction t-shirt will be just, like, sooooooo completely boho-chic.

201. A text message weighs 0.00000006 kg.

202. It is believed that there are at least two more undiscovered ‘stans’ around Kazakhstan

203. If he were alive today Shakespeare would have called it ‘The Taming of the Hamster.’

204. Yawping would be one of the world’s least enforced prohibitions were it not for librarians.

205. A group of meerkats will bob up and down in unison in the presence of hip hop.

206. If the most recent thing you said turns out to be the last thing you’ll ever say, the chances are you’ll hurriedly try to say something more meaningful before fact 208, and not make it in time.

207. The Great Wall of China is visible from satelites but after the first time most astronauts feel it is too passé to look at it again.

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