501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

208. At any one time, 58 teenagers around the world have an arm stuck inside a saxophone.

209. Madame Tussauds offers a private service to celebrities allowing them to have their hair and makeup done next to their wax model before major events, to help them maintain consistency.

210. The insole of a rugby player’s boot has a higher NVSM rating (Nutritional Value per Square Metre) than that of an entire health food shop.
21¥ If you eat a small candle every three years, you will never need to condition your hair.

211. Banks in Berkshire, England are still obliged by law to honour a cheque for 3 guineas if the bearer is wearing a top hat.

212. The comma existed before the question mark, which itself came about as a result of a
semicolon and hiccups.

213. 82 spectators who sat through the entirety of the longest county cricket match ever played in England, lost and never regained the ability to smile.

214. It was only at her retirement party in 2003 that a senior consultant in a New York psychiatric hospital was identified as a tenacious patient who had successfully managed to get on the payroll 43 years earlier.

215. Kopi Luwak coffee tastes a bit like cat poo.

216. It was only while studying an x-Ray of a one-armed patient in 1996 that a surgeon in Portugal realised in horror that he had been holding it backwards, thus initiating an investigation into how many healthy kidneys he had hitherto removed.

217. Counting the cursor blinks on a screen is one of the first signs that you ought to get a pet or a hobby.

218. Roughly once every decade, someone accidentally swallows a Fabergé egg.

219. If you are able to get both of your fists in your mouth at the same time, you are statistically more likely to win a televised singing competition.

220. It is believed that Amlych, North Wales, would be the easiest place on Earth for an alien life-form to blend in undetected.

221. About three months into the syllabus 11% of zoology students realize for the first time that they might not necessarily end up working in a zoo.

222. At some point, 4% of the readers of this book will have both their fists inextricably wedged inside their mouth.

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