501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

244. It is believed that gratitude will be available in aerosol form within ten years.

245. Pavarotti learned to sing in the womb.

246. ET was modelled around a koala skeleton.

247. It is believed that the richest person on Earth in 2020 will be the first person to secure
retroactive copyright to ‘da be da be da-da da-dum.’

248. If all the humans died out, it is believed that the bees wouldn’t really notice.

249. Wives who crush monosodium glutamate into their lipstick seldom need to buy their own shoes.

250. The number of potentially explosive tapas dish combinations is alarmingly high.

251. The person that named the irrational fear of palindromes ‘aibohphobia’ didn’t do it on
purpose and was embarrassed about it later.

252. In 1995 a Taxi driver in Bangladesh was fired for taking passengers where he thought they ought to go based on their facial expression.

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