501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

266. If the total weight of the teeth of the cast of ‘The Sound of Music’ were converted to gold, it’s value would have paid for the movie seven times over.

267. If Australia were made entirely of cheddar cheese, the sweat produced would lead to
significant climate change.

268. Bookmakers refused to pay out to winners at a dog race in southern Ireland in 2003, after one of the greyhounds was found to be covered in nicotine patches.

269 The greatest number of YouTube hits ever, with almost no possibility of being surpassed, is believed to be attainable with an Orang-utan, some squirty cream and a bouncy castle.

270. Burning as much of the inside of your mouth as you can with the car cigarette lighter is 64% likely to render an alcohol breath-test unreliable in court.

271. If you take vitamin supplements, 7 out of the last 9 decisions you made were probably awful.

272. Disgruntled residents in Maidstone, England, have calculated that if a human foot were a neighbour’s garden it would take 38 years to get a court order to have a bunion and a verruca removed.

273. Solar flares pump happiness into the solar system, 0.2% of which penetrates through the Earth’s atmosphere.

274 Snooker was originally a way of determining the winner of a drawn battle, one of the balls being explosive.

275. The cheaper whitening toothpastes work by making your lips slightly darker.

276. Liquorice Allsorts cause cats to hallucinate, apart from the round yellow ones which cause them to see 3 seconds into the future.

277 If a spider’s web were the thickness of spaghetti the bolognese would need to be as hot as lava for you to be able to chew it.

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