501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

289. The statistical spike in the cases of rheumatism in the late 1990’s is believed to be as a result of the Beatles’ cover of Berns and Medley’s ‘Twist and Shout’ in 1962.

290. If 11 sets of identical twins were separated into two football teams and they played each other in a standard 90 minute match at a national stadium invigilated by a professional referee not related to any of the twins, it would not be in the top 30% of meaningless wastes of taxpayers’ money in a fiscal year.

291. A small group of intellectuals in Maine, USA, believe that the murder rate could be halved if murder was legalised.

292. Nutritionists are concerned that by 2025 we will need to find a superfood which will helpdetox our systems from the enormous amounts of omega-3 fish oils which have built up over the last ten years.

293. There are more photos of cats than there will ever be cats.

294. A leading obstetrician in Middlesex, England, reports that every year an average of 8 clients admit in the initial consultation that they actually needed an osteopath but had gotten the names mixed up.

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