501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

345. Every year there are more fatalities as a result of flamenco dancing than there are as a result of sharks, although in 1968 there was at least one verified fatality as a result of flamenco dancing AND a shark.

346. Michael Flatley got the idea for Riverdance when he locked himself out of a hotel bathroom.

347. The adage ‘Guns don’t make guns, people make guns, and then use them to stop other people with guns trying to take away their guns, unless they don’t have guns, in which case they’re basically just asking someone to shoot them’ failed spectacularly to sway the public in a 2012 anti-gun media campaign.

348. A country-wide survey conducted in Spain revealed that 9 out of 10 people just wanted to be left alone so they could do some shopping.

349. For most people, a sneeze is the fastest thing that will ever travel through their nose, with the exception of the sudden intake of air travelling up the nose of a mother meeting her 15-year old daughter’s hemp-wearing boyfriend for the first time.

350. If you think about someone and then they phone you, your phone has been hacked.

351. Currently, the most common email password is ‘pointless.’

352 A modern art gallery in Prague, Czech Republic, turns down almost a third of all artists hoping to exhibit there on the grounds that their work doesn’t include enough faeces.

353. The Finnish for ‘Haemorrhoid Cream,’ is identical to the word for ‘toothpaste’ in three other languages.

354. In 2013 a Finnish pharmaceutical company was been banned from any commercial activity in three separate countries.

355. One in three professional boxers admit that they have accidentally knocked themselves out in training.

356. A Swede who founded ‘The Liberated Existential Feminists’ only ever recruited seven
followers, none of whom were able to agree on their purpose.

357. 81% of experts interviewed by news channels in the middle of a crisis have no idea what’s going on.

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