501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

358. In 2011 a woman in India successfully sued a company which manufactured glass eyes with a little bulb in them, on the grounds that her husband ‘could now habitually freak her out in the dark.’

359. The majority of expensive perfumes can be replicated by spraying air fresheners onto the skin through carefully selected herbal teabags.

360. Olympic swimmers are so streamlined that if they leave an earring in by mistake they can cross up to three lanes before the end of a length.

361. Homeopathy will not work in zero-gravity.

362. The man who invented the microwave ‘ping’ gets 3c every time someone heats up a ready- meal.

363. With practice and carefully targeted pronunciation, it is possible to call someone a name in the Xhosa language of South Africa with enough force to break a bone.

364. Homeopathy will not work within a gravitational field.

365. Roughly a third of the heads of state of South American countries have to have it explained to them each morning.

366. A life-coach in Seattle, Washington, USA teaches that the tiny bits that float in your eyes and dance away when you try to focus on them, are the carcasses of your missed opportunities.

367. The shark in the horror movie Jaws was a mermaid before an experienced writer was shown the script.

368. Smoke detectors can be easily adapted to warn of nearby stupidity.

369. In Canada it is illegal to change your mind about something in your shopping basket and put it back on the wrong shelf.

370. Electronic cigarettes are the brainchild of a maverick inventor in France who had previously failed to attract investment for electronic cheese.

37. 1 George Orwell expressed genuine surprise when first told what people had read into his book about a farm, but quickly learnt to elaborate on it in interviews.

37. 2 Beavers are unique amongst all animals in having an audio filter which automatically excludes any vocal sounds made by a previous mate.

373. It took three marketing executives and four producers to convince James Cameron not to call the 1986 sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1979 epic ‘Alien,’ ‘Loads of Aliens.’

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