501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

419. Of all the breakfasts, a bowl of porridge is the most likely to achieve self-awareness briefly during a thunderstorm.

420. A mischievous dolphin off the coast of Cornwall, England, has been shown to use it’s sonar to cause bats to collide in midair.

421. The oldest person in England to receive an ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order) was 97 year-old Albert Grobble, specifically for the inappropriate use of his false teeth.

422. 14% of all neurosurgeons report they can sometimes hear distant humming during surgery.

423 Your reflection is 4% more attractive than you are.

424. Every year, on average, 5 police snipers accidentally fire their weapon prematurely during a hostage situation due to their mobile phone ringing on vibrate mode.

425. None of the robots in Star Wars would have passed a Portable Appliance Test.

426. It was once so mild in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, that three pensioners were hospitalized due to the extreme mildness.

427. The Mars Rover was originally fitted with a GPS system using Leonard Nimoy’s voice.

428. Juan Gonzales from Malaga, Spain is the only person ever to be diagnosed as being allergic to his own voice.

429. Nasal hair is the ideal thickness and strength for a violin bow, but the only man whose nasal
hair grew long enough to produce a bow, an aboriginal herbalist from the Northern Territories of Australia, known locally as ‘Steve’, didn’t like music.

430. It is believed that in 2008 around 13% of plane crashes were due to collisions with isobars.

431. The Earth’s core is thought to be chewy.

432. Some mathematicians believe that if the square root of 5 and the square root of 2 started a family, their children would have issues.

433. A man in Switzerland who was fired for being late every morning during his first week at work explained that when they had stipulated he should shave before coming into the office he had assumed they meant everything.

434. One of the most frightening health-hazards of artificial sweeteners is irrational, gibbering, virulent scaremongering.

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