501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

435. 18% of marriage proposals go hideously, hideously wrong.

436 98% of people who use the phrase ‘Pandora’s box’ have no idea what it means, and of the 2% that do, most are called Pandora.

437. The number of reception bars displayed on a mobile phone screen can be influenced by intense staring.

438. There is a toad in Brazil that would poison itself if it licked it’s own leg.

439. A leaked Russian Federal Space Agency document cited ‘sporadic, generous flatulence’ as the main reason why it’s highest-scoring cadet was never used as a cosmonaut.

440. Air fresheners have been shown to be addictive, particularly pine forest and meadow fresh.

441 Almost 3 in 4 women, and all men, lose control of their tongue during strenuous guessing.

442. Cellulite can be removed using a golf ball, a power-drill and some WD40.

443. If everyone in South Korea clapped their hands simultaneously, it would be almost the last thing they would ever do.

444. Steam engines would have been faster if they had run on kebab meat instead of coal.

445. 5% of couples that open a ‘Joint Bank Account’ in Camden, London, England, close it again in the first month complaining that the product description is misleading.

446. Before he discovered the Americas, Columbus discovered Ireland, but then went to enormous lengths to make sure someone else got the blame.

447. Vlogs are 35% worse than blogs, which are 47% worse than the opinion pieces in regional newspapers, which are 82% worse than reading your own foot.

448. The vortex under a Frisbee in flight bends space and time just enough to give nearby insects the willies.

449. Most of the finer details of peace agreements mediated by United Nations Peace Envoys are decided by ‘rock, paper, scissors.’

450. Some plants can sense sarcasm.

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