501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

451. 63% of shop-window dressers admit to having had a deep heart-to-heart with a mannequin about relationships.

452. If you can find your phone number next to your fiancé’s phone number within the decimal places of pi, they have probably left you and moved on.

453. The worst first date ever was experienced by Chantelle Buffer in a model train shop
somewhere in Bristol, England.

454. The ancient Egyptians believed that if a reliable system were established to predict which part of it’s body a cat would spontaneously decide to lick next, the entire universe would fold in on itself.

455. The numbers actually all run out long before infinity.

456. The extremities of some bearded men glow slightly when they are jogging at night because of the build-up of facial static.

457. 5 countries have banned atomic clocks fearing a meltdown.

458. 18% of the uses of the word ‘effluent’ ought to have been ‘affluent.’

459. In the 1970s over 13,000 people worldwide died from their own hairstyle.

460. The gloop in the corners of your eyes each morning contains traces of gold.

46. 1 There is growing support for a group in central Italy who insist that the tower in Pisa is
straight and everything else is leaning.

462. By 2003, a prisoner in Massachusetts, USA, had already completed two years of a
correspondence course in escapology without anyone noticing.

463. Every year, the number of people worldwide that get permanently stuck halfway through a yawn is around 25, whereas the number required to make a detachable mouth-filter business viable is about 150.

464. 7% of motorists in India believe that traffic lights have feelings.

465. A Martial Arts expert feels that Steven Seagal could only last about 8 seconds against an agitated giant squid with nunchuks tied to each tentacle.

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