501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

466. If all the seals on the southeast coast of Greenland jumped into the sea at the same time, the resulting wave would sweep all the seals swimming off the northwest coast of Iceland back onto shore.

467. ‘Erstwhile’ is the word least likely to be used by a member of a gang.

468. When the average person is bitten by the average dog, it is actually the dog that most needs to consider an injection.

469. 93% of people who take a photo of a panda and look at the negative are disappointed.

470. It takes 2 deciduous forests to provide the paper required for a high-profile libel case in the UK, or 3 if the defendant is completely exonerated.

471. Counting can exacerbate balding.

472. The average yawn sucks in enough air to keep a mouse breathing for an afternoon.

473. Prince Charles of England has only ever said four naughty words, however he has repeated one of these words seven times more often than the word ‘marmalade.’

474. 76% of people in Austria feel that 2009 was a complete waste of everybody’s time.

475. A yoga instructor from Long Island USA claims that if you were to place your head in the white trails behind a large plane you would hear the thoughts of the cabin crew.

476. There are enough nutrients in a dirty sock to sustain a house spider for a year.

477. Pythagoras once defeated five foes in an attempted ambush using only an isosceles triangle, some top-heavy fractions and an idea.

478. In 2012, a bank manager in Israel described the persuasive abilities of a theatre owner, who managed to secure significant capital for a travelling production of The Mikado performed entirely by highly-trained ferrets, as ‘exceptional bordering on hypnotic.’

479. The silent p in pneumonia is ever-so slightly more silent than the silent b in climb.

480. Near the end of his life, Vincent van Gogh reportedly ‘veered to the right’ in strong winds.

481. There are enough nutrients in the headrest of a car seat to sustain a lobster for a month.

482. A mathematics teacher from New Hampshire, USA, was thrown out of Mensa after publishing a paper in 1999 which suggested that at least 3 of the numbers under 200 are wrong.

483. Wind farms in western Europe have caused a minuscule reduction in the Earth’s rotational speed.

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