501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

In a nutshell, everything conceivable has to be a fact somewhere in the Multiverse because infinity, by its very nature, requires it to be so.

I suspect that, like mine, some of your milk has dribbled down your chin. Those that believe in the Multiverse theory are keen to point out that if you don’t understand the theory there are many, many versions of you in other universes that do, that many of those versions of you actually came up with this theory in their universe, and that a sizeable number of those versions of you have tentacles where you might reasonably feel their ears should be.

This book is a small sample of facts from our humble, familiar shaving of reality. Facts which I have painstakingly failed to research carefully, confident in the assumption that if any of them aren’t entirely true yet they probably soon will be.

For the remaining stubborn facts which refuse to be true in our reality, adherents to the Multiverse theory comfort us in the possibility of those facts being indisputably true in a neighbouring reality.

Finally, may I suggest that if either you or the small, intelligent, curious, child intend to contradict or doubt any of the following facts, please make sure to do so from within the appropriate reality, just to avoid unnecessary frustration.

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