501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

Facts From a Neighbouring Reality

  1. Rugby was originally a Celtic method of adjudicating who fathered a newborn child.
  1. A spinster in Hamburg, Germany, claims that since they turned on the Large Hadron Collider bits of her dinner disappear in the microwave.
  1. Budget airlines are responsible for about 62% of the world’s misery.
  1. It is statistically impossible for there to be, or for there ever to have been, exactly 9 million

bicycles in Beijing.

  1. When placed on a flat surface, human eyeballs with irises of different colours repel each

other like magnets.

  1. The bucket was initially marketed as a portable hole.
  1. The restrictive nature of a centipede’s neck prevents it from knowing that it has more than 4 legs.
  1. At peak acceleration, the g-forces are so great in a Grumman F-14 Tomcat fighter jet that

some navigators experience the short-term memory of the pilot sat in front of them.

  1. Every time you wake up during the REM stage of sleep your personality worsens slightly.

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