501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

10. The restrictive nature of an Italian’s ego prevents them from knowing whether or not they are
irritating more than 4 people.

11. Russian dolls were originally hollowed-out cadavers used as toys for young children in Siberia,
but the local authorities replaced them with wooden ones for many, many, many reasons.

12. It is physically impossible for a cow to sneeze if it’s ears are glued together.

13. Your memory is likely to have been wiped and re-written at least twice since breakfast.

14. Government funding was withdrawn from a respected falconry college in Qatar after an
extensive and lengthy audit in 2012 raised palpable concerns that the 1,500 enrolled students, and one of the falcons, might all be the same person.

15. A tenth of all Norwegians secretly wish they could lick their eyes like lizards.

16. Since 1991, up to 30 people have had to be hospitalized in Wales after suffering a
‘Catastrophic Collapse of the Larynx’ (CCL) whilst trying to give their address to a taxi driver.

17. A blindfolded python will not realise that it is trying to swallow itself.

18. If the entire population of the UK licked the Queen three times she would disappear
somewhere between the second and third lick.

19. An investigation into post offices in the north of England in 2006 revealed that the
recruitment process actively sought out the addled.

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