501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

20. Holding one’s breath whilst reading the concluding two paragraphs of Thomas Hardy’s ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge,’ releases twenty times more endorphins than eating a large radish in the dark.

21. In the earliest versions of the tale the prince climbed up the tower using Rapunzel’s armpit

22. If you spread peanut butter on the back of a Jack Russell’s head every day for a month, it’s
tongue will double in length.

23. In Europe in 2009 more men died estimating a woman’s weight than from faulty parachutes,
prompting one insurance company to list it as an extreme sport.

24. Two out of every ten Scottish people have absolutely no idea why the other one is getting so

25. Neil Armstrong’s actual first words on the moon were removed from recordings because the
last step down caught him by surprise.

26. 67% of all lampshades were designed in anger.

27. The earliest know.n wedding rings were made from the nostril cartilage of the bride.

28. Belgium officially lists ‘love’ as one of it’s exports.

29. The bagpipes were first used as a holistic treatment for an unhappy marriage.

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