501 Facts from a Neighbouring Reality

30. The greatest evidence for time travel so far is the discovery of four bodies at the ancient
remains of Pompeii, Italy, spelling out YMCA..

31. There is no foolproof way of determining the gender of a jellyfish, even if you are a jellyfish.

32. If all the bits of food that have been stuck in your teeth over the course of 5 years were
collected together and turned into a stew, it would feed a small family for a week.

33. In 1883, a Yugoslavian chess grandmaster tried to cheat in a tournament final by regurgitating
an extra rook he had swallowed before the game.

34. Almost everything that is illegal in France today was mandatory 400 years ago.

35. If, whilst standing at the base of the Statue of Liberty, you suddenly flapped your arms at the
speed that a hummingbird flaps it’s wings, you would reach the height of her eyes in 3.7 seconds.

36. The least possible number of words it takes to describe Ozzy Osbourne to a police sketch
artist is 93.

37. An enterprising mobile phone network in South Korea offering a life-extension add-on with
their premium package, instructed customers who felt themselves ‘slipping away’ to text the promotional code to them and receive 2 complimentary extra weeks and 100 minutes/sms messages.

38. 10% of dentists admit leaving their signature in a filling.

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